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ASCEND TELECOM incorporates environmental and social risk considerations into all activities

ASCEND TELECOM is committed to comply with legal & statutory requirements and identify all impacts on the environment and strive tocontinually reduce such impacts by preventing pollution and saving natural resources.

ASCEND TELECOM complies with all applicable environmental laws/regulations and guidelines on meeting social responsibilities as per ISO 26000:2010 and improve the credibility of our organization regarding social responsibility


  • We are committed to improve the overall environmental and social performance of our portfolio through enhanced risk management
  • We have adopted a set of standards, drawn from Environmental, Social and Legal requirements for projects in India, that our clients are expected to meet, covering key areas of environmental and social impacts and issues, and provide coverage of most key issues delineated in international Performance Standards such as the IFC Performance Standards.
  • We are committed to understand and integrate our social responsibility throughout the organization
  • We are committed to continually build capacity of our staff to identify environmental and social risks
  • We shall achieve continual improvement in ESMS performance by setting and reviewing the objectives and targets periodically
  • We, at all levels, shall attach the greatest importance to prevention of injury & ill health and safety of our personnel and of those working on behalf of us, and for protection of the environment
  • We shall evaluate, encourage, facilitate and train all the employees for promoting various voluntary initiatives towards social responsibility
  • We shall strive constantly towards minimizing all forms of pollution including air, water, noise and solid waste by installing necessary controls and providing good work-conditions
  • We shall communicate this policy to all persons working under the control of the organisation with the intent that they are made aware of their individual environmental and social obligations



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