Apart from delivering the best in class Infra facilities, ascend has been delivering these with economics that meet the business plans of their customer. Supporting their philosophy to provide clean energy, Grid utilization by Ascend is the highest in the Industry.

Implementing their excellent technology lead, Ascend has been relying on renewable solar Power to augment the short from grid. Over 122 MW of solar power installations are currently working in most sustainable and grid starved regions of the country. Energy Automation ensures efficient sharing of power demand through Grid, solar with minimal impact on diesel consumption.

Renewable energy usage has also helped ascend in effectively managing their storage systems with higher efficiency and extended life.

Greening activities also include many programs on energy conservation. Ascend is the first company to deploy Wind turbines to their sites. Over 3000 sites currently run with these. They work using natural draft providing the required cooling and help in reducing the need for Air conditioning, saving significant costs to customers.

All these programs help in reducing their carbon footprints and impact on the surrounding eco systems.